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Abundant Harvest Church
WE ARE THE CHURCH Where Living Waters Flow! Come Flow With Us!


                                                       Verse Of The Day                                             

Those who go to God Most High for safety will be protected by the Almighty.

                                              Psalm 91:1 NCV

Praying for our Sick and Shut-in Members!

Tracy McCann who's recovering from surgery,  Tommy Jackson, Tamala Armstrong, Latresha Steele, Mother Barbara Hicks, Ronald Davidson (Boot), Missionary Myrna Carroll, and Trudy Mustin. Also pray for everyone dealing with COVID-19.


The CDC Has Altered their COVID Guidelines but We Will Still Require Masks at Our Services. Please get your Vaccinations! Get Both Doses so that we can relax Our Guidelines! But Until Each Member of AHC Has Received Their Vaccines We will Wear Masks and still use precautions.

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Ready To Buy a House?

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**Sunday Service until further notice will be @8am. No Sunday School.  We will be broadcasting Sunday's and Tuesday Bible Study on FB Live on the church's platform.  You can still do your tithes through CashApp or PayPal or you can drop them off by the church** Please Make Sure that D'Jaris has an updated e-mail address for all members.

Effective Immediately! There are to be 2 Greeters or Ushers at the foyer entrance with hand sanitizers to be dispensed to Everyone AS THEY ENTER INTO THE GATES AT AHC! MASKS ARE REQUIRED!!!! One Will Be Provided if you Don't Have one!

Come Flow With Us!

We're Flowing at AHC!!!!

Service Times 

Morning Worship 8am

Bible Study Tuesday's 6pm

Saturday Morning Prayer 8am TBA

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